Think of an email sequence like a friendly chain of emails that gets sent automatically, depending on what your customer or subscriber does. Some folks call them drip emails, others say lifecycle emails, and you might hear them being called email marketing sequences, email marketing automation emails, or even autoresponder emails. It’s like setting up a digital conversation without lifting a finger!

Are email sequences and drip campaigns the same thing?

Well, they’re like cousins—close, but not identical.

Drip campaigns and email sequences often get tossed around interchangeably because they both aim to connect with customers and boost engagement.

However, they do have their nuances.

Drip email campaigns are like the straightforward older sibling.

They’re those fixed, one-size-fits-all emails triggered by set rules.

Like, when someone signs up for your newsletter, they get the same welcome email as part of a drip campaign.

It’s on a schedule, and the trigger is dropping an email in a form on your website.

Now, email sequences are a bit more dynamic.

They switch up the content based on what users do on your website, like checking out a specific page.

But here’s the thing—some argue that when a user signs up for newsletters on a site, it’s kind of like a mini email sequence because it happens right after the user does something on the site. It’s a bit of a gray area, you know?

So, you can use the terms interchangeably because they both use automation for targeted emails. But, bottom line, drip campaigns are like the solo act—it’s a single email triggered by an action on the site.

Email sequences? They’re the whole series.

And here’s a pro tip: setting up drip campaigns is usually a breeze because you don’t have to get too fancy with audience segmentation.

You set up the trigger and the email, and you’re good.

On the flip side, email sequences love a bit of segmentation action because it lets you personalize emails for more sales. It’s like the difference between a quick chat and a full-on conversation—both have their time and place!

Advantages of an email sequence

The primary goal of establishing an automated series of emails is to nurture leads and drive sales.

By employing a well-crafted automated email sequence, you can enhance customer retention and engagement, fostering business growth.

Sending post-purchase, loyalty, and re-engagement sequences can effectively bring customers back to your site.

Furthermore, email sequences offer high scalability, enabling you to implement automation that handles the heavy lifting for you. Instead of manually sending each email, your marketing automation software takes charge.

You only need to set it up once and keep an eye on the campaign.

The established advantage of email sequences in business lies in their ability to boost sales.

More emails mean more chances to connect with your target audience, and personalized emails enhance this interaction.

Additionally, you can tailor an email sequence to address specific customer objectives by offering discounts, enticing them to return to your site, and completing the conversion process.

How to Set up a sequence with Mailberry

1. Navigate to your account and click Sequences from the top left menu.

2. Kick off a new sequence by hitting the + New Sequence button.

3. Create or choose your segment for targeted reach.

4. Drop your subject line and email body into the right box

5. Hit “Next” and ensure you pick your preferred sending intervals and send “from” domain.

6. Click Activate Seqence and there you have it!

You’re good to go!

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