Whether you have a website or not, Mailberry is here to help with FREE forms with a forever FREE account.

Go to Mailberry and navigate to Audience from the left menu.

You will see forms there; click and design them with your brand colors and the info needed.

We recommend having the first name and email on the fill-in section, like the below form.

Click Next to edit the default text that Mailberry suggests.

Then, feel free to customize it according to your brand colors and fonts.

Finally, once you go ahead and Click Next, you will see the options to distribute the form.

If you have a website, copy the form code on the right and paste it into your website.

If you don’t have a website, or even if you have one, create a QR code, print it, and place it at your store/restaurant so people can scan and submit their info.

How to make a QR code for Mailberry forms?

Simply copy the link that Mailberry provides and paste it here.

Download the QR image and scan it.

Voila! Your page is ready to use.

Where are all these contacts getting stored?

It is safely stored in your Mailberry account, which you can download whenever needed.

You can create a specific segment and name it so you know where these customers are coming from.