Congratulations on taking steps to grow your email list with Mailberry forms! Here’s a simple guide to help you connect more effectively with your audience:

1. Start by clicking on Audience in the top-right menu

2. Next, go to the Forms section

3. Select +New Form to begin creating your sign-up form

4. Customize the form fields to suit your specific business needs

5. Click Next to personalize the colors and fonts, ensuring your form aligns perfectly with your brand.

6. Once you’re done, choose a segment where you’d like your new subscribers to land, and then click Submit.

7. Voila! now, decide how you want to use your form:

  • Standalone form
  • Embed it as an inline form within your website
  • Utilize it as a pop-up form to capture attention.

That’s it! Your sign-up form is ready to help you grow your audience and stay connected with your customers.